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The Highest quality handcrafted wood bats since 2010.

Berg Bat was founded on one simple principle – Quality. We use only the highest-grade maple, ash and birch billets, hand-turn, sand, and bone-rub each creation and custom finish to the customer’s exact specifications. Each bat is handcrafted to order from start to finish and is personally inspected by Trevor before it leaves the shop. With the most flexibility in design and customizable finishes on the market, Berg Bat should be your first choice for that new wood bat.


When you buy a Berg Bat, you get more than just a bat. You get years of practice, mistakes, innovation, and creative inspiration. You not only get a bat, you get part of the Makers's soul.

Bone Rubbed

Every bat is bone rubbed to compress the fibers to make them even stronger, and all maple bats are ink dot certified for slope of grain. Just another way we take your wood bat and make it yours!

completely custom

3 species of wood, 17 models, 24 color options, 22 trademark colors, and personalization give you the opportunity to create the ultimate gamer that is uniquely yours.

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