Trevor Goldberg was a sixteen-year-old varsity catcher at Air Academy High School in Colorado Springs, CO when he started Berg Bat Company in 2010. Unimpressed with the quality of wood bats in the marketplace he started the company with a dream of making the highest quality, custom bat available. He quickly learned the science behind making the perfect bat, and within one year, Berg Bats were being swung in DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, JUCO, high school, and youth programs around the country.

Berg Bat was founded on one simple principle – Quality. We use only the highest-grade maple and ash billets, hand-turn, sand, and bone-rub each creation and custom finish to the customer’s exacting specifications. Each bat is 100% handmade from start to finish and is personally inspected by Trevor before it leaves the shop. With the most flexibility in design and customizable finishes on the market, Berg Bat should be your first choice for that new wood bat.


When asked what makes a Berg Bat a Berg Bat, this is what we tell our players: “A Berg Bat is a high quality wood bat made with extreme precision and care. Down to the millimeter, Berg Bats are hand-crafted from high quality, pro-stock lumber. “

Our promise to each player that buys one of our bats is this, “This bat is only a tool used to play at the highest level that you want to play at. Berg Bats are perfect in their make, model, weight, and finish. Any defect that is found, other than normal use, will be assessed by our experts and replaced on a situational basis.” We strive to make the perfect bat that is tailored to each player that is swinging them.