Limited Series – Together We Fight

Together We Fight! Our first of our new Limited Edition Series is here! This design will only be sold in the month of October. Available in game bats or fungos, choose your model, length, and cup preference. Each bat is individually numbered; Only 150 available!


  • Pick Yours *

  • Game Bat Model *

  • Fungo Model *

  • Game Bat Length *

  • Fungo Length *

  • Cup Style *

  • Knob Decal *

  • Custom Engraving *

    Color fill will match Trademark Color.Min: 1 charactersMax: 20 characters

  • I acknowledge that Berg Bat Company will NOT engrave any pro player, team names or any trademarked words or logos, and that what I enter is EXACTLY what I will receive and assume full responsibility for any errors.

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