Limited Series – Van Halen

Who doesn’t love Eddie Van Halen?! These bats are based off of his his guitar design.

This is a limited run of 50 bats. Each bat is individually numbered.


TG19 has a flared knob, a thin handle and a medium barrel. This is the model that Trevor Goldberg has created and swung himself.

KG61 has a fully flared handle with no knob, a thin handle and a medium barrel.

MG13 is the model that Max George created and swings. Similar to a B243, but with a longer taper barrel and a slight flare knob.

B271 is a standard 271 model. Thinner handle with a flared knob and a medium barrel.

B110 is a standard 110 with a medium barrel and a thicker handle for better bat control.

B243 is based on the traditional 243 shape with a thin handle and big barrel. This model has an extra large barrel and a thinner handle with a large sweet spot. This model is very end heavy.

B73 has a large knob, thin handle and big barrel with a large sweet spot. Due to the large size knob this model is surprisingly well balanced and quick to the ball.

CP27 has a medium barrel with a thin handle leading into a flared knob that is 1/4″ wide. This is a great model for the hitter that wants to get the most length they can out of their bat.

JB10 is similar to the B271, with a thicker handle leading into a flared knob. This bat is a great transition wood bat from metal.


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